Coming out of a pandemic – the challenges facing procurement technology

In this edition of Insider, we look at the challenging conditions facing the sector and some of the factors fuelling this. While the pandemic hit the sector hard, currently demand for experienced staff across the European digital procurement ecosystem is remarkably high and growing rapidly, with permanent appointments up 134% (source: APSCo).

In procurement technology there have been too many moves to list so we’ve focused on those we feel have real strategic importance for the sector. We also look at why there have been winners and losers and as we enter the final quarter of 2021, we identify what we are seeing in the sector. We would like to thank Jaggaer and Tealbook for their valuable contributions.

We’re delighted to introduce our new section dedicated to ESG and sustainability to give some focus to this growing niche. We also review the corporate market and explain how this is bucking the trend.

There is no doubt that the conditions facing the sector are really challenging those companies serious about hiring great talent and we share out thoughts about how to best land your key hire.