The 2023 Edbury Daley Digital Procurement Salary Trends Report

The Digital Procurement & Supply Chain Insider reported that salaries are growing rapidly in the sector.  In this report, we detail the salary ranges currently required to successfully recruit experienced people from the digital procurement and supply chain sector across all the key economies of Europe.  The figures are based on what we have observed in the market in the past six months and represent what is required to recruit in a competitive market.

With the unique conditions in the market, the typical annual salary surveys across the tech sector often used by HR Reward specialists are no longer able to offer accurate estimates of what’s actually happening in such a fast-paced market. This is because the data ages so quickly. Those who need accurate information need to understand what’s going on in the market now, not last year. This report solves that problem and is vital reading for anyone wishing to answer either of these questions:

How do you know what your unique skills and experience are worth in the current job market? How does your organisation know what it needs to pay if it is serious about retaining and hiring the best talent?