The Digital Procurement & Supply Chain Insider is the only report dedicated to observing and analysing the hiring trends across the European spend management ecosystem.   It offers readers a depth of insight that isn’t available anywhere else and is vital reading for anyone looking to hire into their organisation or understand the market dynamics for their own skills and experience when considering a career move.

The latest edition of the Insider features coverage of some of the most volatile market conditions we’ve encountered since the creation of this commentary in 2015.

Since the publication of the last edition of this report in October 2022, we’ve seen remarkable hiring conditions in the market, high-profile redundancy programmes in the tech sector and, at times, almost weekly changes in the supply–demand equation for talent in both Europe and the United States.

Of course, we also cover all the usual subjects including:

  • High profile job moves in the sector
  • Which companies are most active in hiring?
  • What are the hiring trends and why do they exist?
  • How do they compare to the wider tech job markets?
  • A detailed analysis of the state of the ESG tech market including interviews with several CEO’s of scale-up vendors
  • An interview with the CEO of the highest ranked vendor in the sector on Glassdoor covering the key attributes of their successful company culture