Our consultants have years of experience of delivering each of the classic core recruitment services, Contingency, Executive Search and Interim Management. We have also developed our own unique solution – Rapid Result – which is a condensed, high speed version of Executive Search.

This means that we are well positioned to advise our clients on which service is the best to make the required appointment. The key factors in deciding which service is best relate to the availability of the desired skill set, the time available to conduct research of the relevant talent pool, geographical factors and salary.

Contingency search

A highly effective core service that allows our clients to benefit from rapid access to our high quality database of candidates and our outstanding personal networks of industry professionals. And you only pay a fee if we successfully hire a suitable candidate, so this is a low risk service for you as you get to see our capability before making any financial commitment.

Very few high performing candidates regard themselves as active job seekers and rarely respond to advertising. They need to be sought out by a recruiter with the industry knowledge to find them and the credibility to interest them in your vacancy. This is precisely our approach to sourcing a shortlist for a business critical position in your company.

Our experience, tenacity and knowledge ensures this method is very effective. We have made highly specialised appointments with salaries up to £250,000 and filled positions right across Europe and beyond on a purely contingency basis.

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Executive search

Certain roles require our Executive Search service that features a greater depth of research compared to our contingency service. It is an ideal process when a specific local market or talent pool needs to be thoroughly and extensively researched so that all potential candidates can be considered. Our skills and experience enable us to do this effectively before going through a meticulous screening process to arrive at a shortlist of the best available candidates for the role in question.

Often referred to as head hunting, Executive Search is widely used for senior leadership roles and positions requiring a very specific skill set. The key to success is the application of proven processes in a thoroughly researched target market, both of which play to our particular strengths as an organisation. And we also offer Rapid Result – our own unique solution offering a condensed, high speed version of Executive Search.

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Interim management

The interim market is well established in the procurement profession with demand often driven by the need for project specific resource, to drive adoption of a new procurement software solution, change in a particularly category or process or in the case of leadership positions, to guide a department through a period of transition.

We have an outstanding network of procurement professionals who specialise in interim assignments, whether that be category experts for key sourcing projects or experienced leaders to guide a department through a short term period whilst a full time head of department is found. As always we can advise on the prevailing market conditions to help recruiting managers make good hiring decisions.

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Talent mapping

Our Talent Mapping service is designed to support organisations serious about identifying the best available talent in a defined sector of the market through the creation of a Talent Pipeline.

In contrast to most recruitment services it is not a short term solution to a particular vacancy, but a long term strategic planning tool to help functional leaders make informed hiring decisions and ultimately recruit the very best possible people for key roles in their teams.

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