A Senior Presales Consultant with extensive knowledge of P2P systems, processes and tools. Currently working with Business Development Managers for new business opportunities and Account Managers with existing clients. Showcasing the software functionality at High level/detail sessions when required. Showing power point presentations and live software when required. Highlighting the value that the software brings to the businesses.

Key Transferable Skills

● Project management experience.

● Great communicator with Board level sponsors to end-users.

● Extensive Business Analysis with problem-solving skills on systems implemented.

●IT Strategic planning to achieve Business Strategy.

● In-depth knowledge of IT systems.

● A hard-working team player.

Previous role – Managing Consultant, Procurement and Supply Chain.

● Managing a team of consultants, to deliver consultancy to the client base based on the business requirements. Making sure the team is customer-focused and provide quality advice and configuration based on their needs. Help to develop and mentor the team’s knowledge and improve their skill set.

● Worked on the Global Product Development Teams for Procurement and Plant.

● Developed a mobile solution to enhance the product offering based on user roles.

● Arranged special interest groups for the client base to make sure the product is developed in align with the client base expectations / requirements.

For more information on this candidate please contact us via info@edburydaley.com