We’ve seen all the major trends in procurement over the last 25 years – Strategic Sourcing, Category Management, Supplier Relationship Management and now the increasing use of Spend Management solutions.  This use of technology to enhance the value delivered by procurement is where our focus lies.

Our visible commitment to the procurement technology ecosystem gives us a depth of knowledge and a breadth of network that we use to quickly and effectively identify the best talent for roles focusing on the implementation, adoption and on-going use of digital procurement tools.

We know which companies are using which solutions, how effectively they’ve been implemented and adopted, who has been the architect of the digital transformation and what experience they can bring to new organisations about to embark on their digital transformation journey.  This knowledge is invaluable to the procurement leader when they need the right expertise in their function.

We are at our most effective with senior leadership roles and experienced digital specialists because of the network we have established over many years, attending procurement tech events, engaging the relevant community, building trust and credibility along the way.

So whether you are using a full suite solution, a collection of best-of-breed tools or haven’t started your digital journey yet, we know where to find the right people for your organisation.

If you need to source key members for your procurement technology, spend management or procurement operations then please...

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