Modern businesses create and collect huge amounts of data relating to every aspect of their operation from sales to production and HR to procurement.

Business Intelligence software helps companies make sense of all that data by combining data mining and data visualisation in the form of dashboards, graphs, maps and reports to help organisations to make more data-driven decisions.

In summary the software helps the users turn raw numbers in to insights for a myriad of aspects of their business. These insights become the catalyst for tactical or strategic change in the pursuit of greater production efficiency, more sales, or better customer care for example.

BI software aims to be user friendly and highly accessible to non data scientists allowing wider use by company employees. The archetypal dashboard gives the user real time information on their area of responsibility allowing for quicker responses to the insights gained from the data.

We recruit for all the key customer facing disciplines across a typical BI software vendor – sales, account management, implementation, customer success, consulting, value engineering and leadership positions.

Our experience in recruiting all over Europe gives us a great network of specialists with BI domain expertise. If you would like to be part of our network or need someone to drive your business forward don’t hesitate to contact us.

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