Our directors have been working in executive recruitment since the mid 1990s and specifically in the Corporate Procurement profession since 1998. We first worked the in the Procurement Consulting market in 2000 and the Procurement Technology sector in 2007. We’ve developed specialist knowledge in each of these markets over our careers and no other recruiter can offer this depth of expertise.

In this time, the procurement profession has made huge strides in many different ways, from improvements in best practice to much greater visibility at board level in major corporate organisations. More recently the increased use of procurement focused technology solutions in spend management and compliance has seen the profession extend its sphere of influence across other business areas like accounts payable.

The technology is also producing a vast amount of data and offering the computing power to analyse it much more effectively than in the past. This Spend Analytics capability is offering new opportunities for procurement teams to increase their value to the business whilst changing the skill set required for the modern procurement professional.

The modern day CPO now has responsibilities in associated areas as diverse as supplier risk management, outsourcing and new product development as business functions converge into leaner, more efficient structures.

We know who’s developing the best people, embracing new technology most effectively, where the innovators are and how best to find and attract the right people for your business. Procurement has a special role to play in modern industry, and we can find the people to enhance your team’s capability and achieve your business objectives.

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