Customer Success Leader – Innovative Procurement Tech Scale-Up

Negotiable including stock

This is an exciting opportunity to create and build a customer success function for a rapidly growing SaaS business offering an innovative solution to the procurement and supply chain profession.

The Customer Success Leader (CSL) will ensure success, satisfaction, and ongoing engagement of customers throughout their lifecycle as a customer. Fundamentally the CSL builds strong customer
relationships and maximizes the value customers receive from the solution. Overall, the implementation manager is accountable for:
– Customer relationship management
– Customer satisfaction, as measured by satisfaction metrics and KPIs
– Continuously monitor and assess your customers usage of the solution, as measured by logins and other usage indicators
– Addressing issues to the satisfaction of the customer
– Continuing achievement of customer success metrics
– Identify opportunities where additional offerings could provide more value to the customer, then collaborate with the sales rep responsible for selling additional products or features.
– Where applicable, meet sales quota metrics

Relationship Management:
– Establish and maintain strong relationships with key customer stakeholders
– Serve as the primary point of contact for customers, addressing inquiries, concerns, and requests in a timely manner.
– Regularly engage with customers to understand their evolving needs and challenges. Customer Value Maximization:
– Work with customers to identify opportunities for them to extract maximum value.
– Provide guidance on best practices and suggest advanced features that align with customer objectives.
– Collaborate with other internal teams (e.g., product, sales) to ensure customers needs are met.

Renewal and Upsell:
– Monitor customer and identify potential risks; take proactive measures to mitigate those risks.
– Drive customer renewals by demonstrating the ongoing value.
– Identify upsell opportunities based on customer usage and needs.
– Collaborate with the sales rep responsible for selling additional products or features.

Customer Feedback and Advocacy:
– Gather feedback from customers on their experiences. Solicit possible product enhancements.
– Advocate internally for customer needs and collaborate with the product team to prioritize feature requests.
– Work with sales to leverage satisfied customers as references or case studies to attract new business.

Data Analysis and Reporting:

– Analyze customer usage and performance data to track customer success metrics.
– Generate regular reports on customer health, usage patterns, and progress toward goals.
– Use data insights to develop strategies for improving customer outcomes.

Customer Training and Education:
– Develop and deliver training materials and resources to help customers get the most out of the product.
– Offer workshops, webinars, and tutorials to educate customers on product updates and advanced features.

Cross-Functional Collaboration:
– Collaborate with sales teams during the pre-sales phase to understand and set customer expectations.
– Work closely with product teams to relay customer feedback and contribute to product roadmap discussions.

Continuous Improvement:
– Continuously refine and optimize the customer success processes based on feedback and best
– Stay updated on industry trends and customer success methodologies to enhance the organizations approach.

Leadership and Team Management:
– Set accountabilities, SMART objectives, , provide coaching, and conduct regular performance reviews with staff.

To apply for this job please email your CV and covering letter to: or call us on 0161 222 0515 to find out more.

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