Customer Engagement Executive


Our client is a leading global procurement technology provider, and are looking for a Customer Engagement Executive (CEE) to continue ensuring that customers continue to capture the most value possible from our solutions, through strong collaboration, coordination and communication.

The CEE ensures optimal integrated customer satisfaction, adoption and success across all Company Solutions. CEEs personalise the customers’ experience with the solutions by understanding and being actively involved in the customer’s business plan and roadmap; they are the single point of contact for ongoing relationship management, and work closely with the customer to drive customer satisfaction, monitor the deployment and delivery process, develop plans for driving adoption of company solutions and services, mitigate and quickly resolve issues, and ensure appropriate resources are assigned from the community to support the customer’s business plan. Through this continuous interaction, CEEs assist in accelerating attainment of adoption, delivering business goals and objectives.

A core component of the company business model is the growth of the network of suppliers. Suppliers pay to receive and process business documents, which becomes highly predictable recurring revenue for the company. Growing supplier numbers and transactions is a challenging activity for our customers and they require extensive and specialist support. It is the role of the CEE to coordinate customer activity, supplier engagement and align internal company resources. Successful CEEs can help pull forward extensive revenues and ensure customer satisfaction and references. They typically manage 5-10 major accounts.

CEEs should have some of the following experiences/skill sets:

  • An understanding of Procurement policies and procedures
  • Experience of using Procurement tools such as auctioning, catalogues and contract management solutions
  • An appreciation of ERP solutions, data, and process integration issues.
  • An awareness of Business to Business e-commerce Networks
  • An awareness of e-invoicing benefits and issues
  • The ability to manage cross-functionally both internally and with the customer
  • The ability to manage multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Good data analysis skills
  • Project management and presentation skills

The Customer Engagement Executive (CEE) will also organize relationship review meetings that reinforce support for adoption and support joint sponsorship for success. The cadence of these meetings will be jointly agreed by the CEX and Customer.

To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter answering these questions:
  • Do you require relocation assistance?
  • Which procurement platforms do you have experience of?
  • What experience do you have of managing customer relationships?
  • What is your experience of adopting procurement technology solutions?
  • What is your current salary package, and your expectation for a new position?

You must answer all questions in order for your application to be considered


To apply for this job please email your CV and covering letter to: or call us on 0161 924 2387 to find out more.