Associate Director – Edbury Daley


We are a small but very successful specialist executive recruitment consultancy with an enviable history of 17 consecutive years of profitability despite experiencing a wide range of market conditions.

We want to add a very specific type of person to our team, one who will fit with our culture, values and growth ambitions, more about that below, but let’s start with why you might be interested in joining us:

  • We are willing to share our years of experience of owning, leading and managing a small recruitment business with you.

  • We can help you build a successful go to market strategy and business plan for your target markets.

  • We are open to new ideas and a fresh voice in our leadership team so your voice will be heard when it comes to making major decisions affecting your ability to be successful.

  • We have developed an excellent marketing infrastructure using various technology packages that enables account-based marketing activity, lead generation, identification and engagement with target candidates and clients.  All of this helps us to consistently “punch above our weight” in our markets.

  • We’ve been using content-based marketing successfully for a long time now and have learnt a great deal along the way.  Here’s an example of how we differentiate ourselves – The Insider

There’s more information below about how we do things including various links to the content we mentioned.  If you are the right person for us, most of the following will apply to you:

  • You are already a successful recruiter with a strong reputation for professionalism and delivering great results for both your clients and candidates.

  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and would thrive in an environment that encourages autonomy, creativity, personal responsibility and a growth mindset.

  • You may have considered setting up your own recruitment business or working in a smaller organisation allowing more freedom and flexibility.

  • You are confident of your skills across every aspect of the recruitment cycle, from lead generation and sales through delivery and ongoing customer success enabling a high level of client retention.

  • You would like to earn a higher proportion of your fee income as salary and bonus.

  • You have a history of success in a market that is complementary to our existing specialisms.  For example, you may have worked in a tech market like data, supply chain, FinTech, AI, finance or wider ERP. 

Here’s some additional information that will tell you more about how we do things:

Our founders 

Our values

What our clients say about us

Our value proposition – Talent intelligence graphic

We want someone who wants to be an integral part of our team, a leader who can influence the direction of our business and help us all grow together. For the right person and contribution to our company, we are open to discussing meaningful equity in the business, not least because we hope to see this as a long term investment for all sides.

For a confidential, exploratory discussion to gain more information about what we can offer you, please contact Andrew Daley.

To apply for this job please email your CV and covering letter to: or call us on 0161 222 0515 to find out more.

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