The digital procurement market: the things I could tell you about it

the digital procurement market

So much confidential and sensitive information is shared with us that we can’t discuss publicly. How do we use that to help our customers? Here I discuss what things I can tell you about the digital procurement market.

Every day we are engaged in conversations with people from the sector, whether it be business leaders or often high-performing experienced people in key roles across major established spend management
companies all the way across the spectrum to small start-up organizations. And those conversations are about people’s career ambitions, they are about their job security, they are about the frustrations where they are if they are looking to move.

They might be concerned about product, their might be concerns about funding, it might be personality clashes. Similarly we are also speaking to business leaders about their hiring plans, their growth plans, their head count restrictions, their challenges, their concerns, and so this is giving us access to a real wide array of information which other people just don’t get.

Watch the full video below to discover everything Andrew can tell you about the digital procurement market.