Five tips for attracting the best procurement talent

Blog - Five tips for attracting the best procurement talent

A commonly held view is that an organisations ability to attract and retain the best talent is dependent on its culture and the reputation of its products and services, but senior management can develop this further by focusing on the following key areas.

  1. Establish a reputation for shared professional excellence, a real sense of team, genuine opportunities for career progression and personal development. This starts with engaging and retaining your existing staff and in procurement in particular, offering opportunities to work on exciting projects like transformation programmes.
  2. Understand how to project that reputation to the market place through publicising your successes in relevant industry media, effective networking and choosing your recruitment partners carefully.
  3. Identify experienced specialists in your network who you can trust to advise you on relevant market conditions, salary trends, availability of desirable skills and can help you project your reputation as an employer of choice.
  4. Develop a talent scouting programme that can evolve into a succession planning tool.  Working closely with HR and trusted recruitment advisers is key to making this work.
  5. As a Senior Manager understand your own key role in attracting the best people and develop yourself into a unique selling point.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this, in particular how to develop a talent scouting programme or how best to project your reputation to the market place, please contact Andrew Daley on 0161 776 4603 or via