Video – 4 keys to hiring in today’s market

If you are struggling to hire the talent you need, you are not alone. Vacancies are increasing sharply and the supply of candidates is diminishing.

This two-minute video below by Simon Edbury highlights four keys areas to focus on to improve your chances of getting the right people into your company.

Why you should use a truly specialist recruiter

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In this video Peter Brophy explores the issues faced by the generalist recruiter looking to source candidates across a broad selection of disciplines. He also looks at how specialising in a particular niche market will result in the recruitment of higher calibre people for your role.

Recruitment – getting the basics right

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Recruitment doesn’t often go to plan so in this video Peter Brophy looks at the main reasons for this. He explores what most organisations wrongly focus on and explains how getting the details right makes a significant difference to the end result.

Take a breath before you recruit

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A lot of companies are looking for a ‘superman’ or ‘wonder woman’ to fill their vacancy. Peter Brophy looks at the issues and challenges this causes in terms of expectations and how keeping more realistic expectations will ensure you secure the best talent for your role.

The tipping point – the procurement job market

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In this video Andrew Daley explores how the procurement job market is changing and why the pace of change is actually accelerating. He also looks at why you need to act if you are not to get left behind and shares some ideas about what you can do to keep ahead of the curve.

Are you being open minded about who to interview?

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Are you dismissing potential candidates too quickly? In this video Simon Edbury looks at the three benefits to meeting borderline candidates and examines how you can minimise the impact of meeting extra candidates on your busy work schedule.

Why does exclusivity benefit you?

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The more recruiters you employ the more quality candidates you’ll receive for your vacancy – right? In this video Simon Edbury explains why this approach to recruitment is a myth, can communicate a whiff of desperation about your recruitment and will in fact push your assignment down a recruiter’s priority list.

The value of interview timings

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In this video Simon Edbury looks at the importance of interviews timings. He answers several key questions including why it does matter when you see candidates and how you can take better control of the process. He also explores a key area of concern: Could you be losing your best candidate whilst interviewing others?