US Vs Europe Hiring part two – The differences in what candidates look for

All candidates look for the same things don’t they? The differences in what candidates look for between the US and Europe….

I recently wrote about the hiring differences between the US and Europe that organisations experience but also there are subtle differences in what candidates look for too.

Candidates’ preferences do vary based on individual factors but there are some significant general differences to be aware of which may help you understand the nuances of each market when people are looking for new opportunities 

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Market Dojo Workplace Culture and values with Alun Rafique CEO

Market Dojo

In this Video, Alun Rafique the CEO of Market Dojo, talks about the workplace culture and values and the impact this has on companies and their jobs.

Rafique started Market Dojo 12 years ago with a view to helping some professionals with managing their data and their costs. He talks about how important culture and employee values are, as well as how they organisation itself is perceived by its own people.

He talks about how they try to make the office space nice for their employees, offer hybrid working and listen to any other challenges employees might face so that they can try and improve any areas.

You can watch the full YouTube video here.



AI in Procurement and Supply Chain, Andrew Daley Talks to Bob Booth

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Andrew Daley talks to Bob Booth about AI in procurement and supply chain and what potential it has for this sector. Bob talks about how he thinks that AI in procurement and supply chain has the material to be able to transforms all aspects, he thinks that there are increasing elements of AI that can be applied.

If you would like to watch the full interview you can watch YouTube video below.

Coupa Inspire Five Takeaways

coupa inspire

Andrew Daley talks about his days at Coupa Inspire 2023 and what his five main takeaways are from his time there.

The main Coupa Inspire takeaways he discusses are:

  • The main feel of the event 
  • The environment and choice of venue
  •  The alliance partners
  • The headcount cuts that have taken place in the organisation

If you would like to find out the full details of Coupa Inspire 2023 then you can watch the video below, where Andrew goes into detail about how he felt the event was this year.


ESG Market: The Current State With Gunther Walden of CircularTree

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In this video, Andrew is joined by Gunther Walden of CircularTree, which was a Berlin-based ESG start-up. They discuss the current state of the ESG market, which many people will have heard lots about on all social media platforms for anyone involved in supply chain and technology. 

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