Case Study: Contingency Search


Years of making business critical appointments for his clients has given Andrew Daley the experience, knowledge and network required to fill roles that other recruiters aren’t able to. There are a wide range of things that he does that make the difference for both recruiting companies and experienced professionals who seek his guidance when looking for their next career opportunity.

Here’s a simple but powerful example.

Andrew was invited by one of his customers to attend an industry event late in 2016 as a thank you for his contribution to their hiring efforts throughout that year. He was sat with a number of their customers, many of whom he had never met, and spent much of the evening answering their questions about hiring people and how to look for that next career opportunity.

Roughly six months later Andrew was contacted by one of the people he met that night. This person had decided to look for a new role and wanted some guidance on how to find a suitably attractive opportunity.

This person had a relatively rare skill set centred around maximising the use of spend management technology for a FTSE 100 business in areas like eProcurement, spend analytics and P2P. The issue he faced was that so few organisations were hiring for the exact skill set he offered, and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to make the transition to consulting or working in a client facing role for a solution provider.

Over the course of the next few months Andrew spoke to several organisations about this person. A lot of organisations said they would love to hire this skill set, but weren’t at a stage where they were advanced enough in their use of procurement technology to justify it.

Throughout this period Andrew kept in regular contact with the job seeker, updating them on what was going on in the market and discussing possible solutions to his desire to advance his career.

Late in 2017 a major procurement technology provider contacted Andrew with a challenging brief. They wanted to make two important hires into their customer success team. Critical factors for these appointments were the need to have experience of developing best practice in the use of procurement technology. They wanted to put people in front of their customers who could say: “I’ve been where you are, I understand where you want to get to, the challenges you will face, the business transformation required to achieve your objectives.”

Andrew’s first call about this role was to the aforementioned candidate because he immediately knew that person had the requisite skill set and would jump at the chance to go for this role.

The candidate is about to join the client – both parties are very happy with the outcome. The second role has also been filled with another person offering similar skills that the Edbury Daley team found through researching the appropriate talent pool.

What does this tell you about how Edbury Daley operates?

  • We network extensively across our target markets
  • We communicate regularly and effectively across our network to maintain a strong reputation
  • We build excellent working relationships, trust and confidence with key people
  • We’re able to find rare skill sets for our clients quickly and accurately
  • We put high quality, relevant people in front of our clients