We reject the traditional high pressure recruitment agency approach that has been unpopular for so long favouring long term credibility over short term commercial gain. We are professional consultants in executive recruitment and truly make a difference to your hiring.

There are three things that separate us from our competition:

  1. 1. The depth of our sector knowledge

    We help you to set achievable hiring goals and reduce your time to hire. To do this we focus on our niche, developing an in-depth knowledge of the companies in your sector, their key staff and their product or service. It allows us to accurately advise on appropriate rewards packages and availability of candidates with specific experience or skills.

  2. 2. The quality of our pitch to candidates

    We present the strongest possible shortlists because we construct a compelling pitch to potential candidates. Our market knowledge keys us in to the questions a prospective candidate will have about your company, product and vacancy. From our partnership with you, we have the answers and maximise engagement with tentatively interested candidates. This is vital as very few of the people we place are actively searching for their next career move when we first contact them.

  3. 3. Our thoroughness

    We find the talent you need because our recruitment assignments are a meticulous process. We search high and low for the best possible people for your position and don’t stop until you have a great shortlist. We utilise our own database, social networks, online and offline research and industry networking events to cover every angle for our clients.