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Edbury Daley is the ideal recruiter for companies who are serious about hiring the best talent available in the Spend Management, Spend Analytics, Payments and Supply Chain Finance markets. We cover every discipline from sales and account management professionals to implementation consultants and functional specialists.

We offer a range of different recruitment services that can be tailored to suit your organisational needs. They are designed to identify outstanding people at middle and senior management level across Europe, North America and Asia.

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Five Things our most Successful Clients do when Hiring

Is your organisation struggling to hire the people it needs to progress? Do you think your recruitment process could improve?  Is it geared towards genuine talent attraction?

We have seen many organisations struggle to hire the people they want. We’ve also seen how a few simple changes can make recruitment processes much more successful so that you really do hire the best people. In our experience there a five key things that make recruitment a success – sign up below to get the full insight which will help you make a difference to your hiring.

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The Procurement & Spend Management Market Update – Q3 2016

Our Quarterly Market Update remains the leading commentary on the UK procurement job market and has evolved into a widely respected analysis of the European spend management sector. Following our very well received Brexit special published back in July, the third...
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The Procurement Market Update Q2 2016 – BREXIT SPECIAL

We are pleased to share our latest quarterly report on the recruitment market conditions for the procurement profession and the procurement solutions sector in the UK and Europe. As usual, we asses the trends that we have observed during the past three months in the...
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The Procurement, Consulting & Spend Management Market Update – Q1 2016

Our latest quarterly analysis of the procurement, consulting and spend management job markets is now available for you to download. Over the past few years this report has become the definitive guide on what's happening in the employment market for procurement and...
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Q4 2015 Procurement Quarterly Market Update

The supply and demand equation for procurement competence has never been more interesting with variations across a series of niche markets for specific skill sets.  It's a fascinating time for the profession and there are many good reasons to keep yourself abreast of...
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Q3 2015 Procurement Quarterly Market Update

Our latest quarterly analysis of the employment market for the procurement profession is now available for you to download. The analysis covers each of our specialists markets which are spend management/procurement technology, direct and indirect spend, procurement...
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Q2 2015 Procurement Quarterly Market Update

Our latest quarterly analysis of the employment market for the procurement profession is now available for you to download. The analysis covers each of our specialists markets which are direct and indirect spend, procurement consultancy, spend management technology...
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How Do Recruitment Processes Impact On The Battle For Procurement Talent?

Edbury Daley have instigated some timely new research on the choice of recruitment and selection methods and the impact of those choices on the success rate of a getting a quality recruit in to the hiring business.

As the global economy recovers many companies are pursuing significant growth plans. Often, the key constraining factor is the ability to hire and retain the skills and expertise needed. Employer Branding and Talent Communities are becoming the new parlance of Human Resource Management as bigger corporations embrace the advent of social media to gain an advantage in finding the people they need. This is covered in some detail in a very interesting recent study by Deloitte.

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Our Directors are well educated, professional, career recruiters with vast experience in their respective markets. They are hands on consultants, involved in every appointment our business makes, ensuring we deliver to the highest standards. We reject the traditional high pressure recruitment agency approach that has been unpopular for so long favouring long term credibility over short term commercial gain. We are truly professional Consultants in Executive Recruitment and differentiate ourselves through the quality of the advice we offer our clients.

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Specialists in Procurement & Supply Chain Consultancy

We have a long established reputation and an extensive network across the Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting arena.

Our track record dates back to the late 90’s when we first recruited for what was Andersen Consulting’s fledging procurement consultancy business.

Since then we’ve seen the procurement outsourcing companies establish themselves, the rise of the niche procurement consultancy as genuine competitors to the big multi disciplinary practices and more recently the changes to the marketplace due to the emergence of a range of spend management solutions which are of course central to the digital transformation journey that so many target clients are embarking on.

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Five Tips For Attracting The Best Procurement Talent

A commonly held view is that an organisations ability to attract and retain the best talent is solely dependent on its culture and the reputation of its products and services. However, senior management can develop this further by focusing on the following key areas.

1. View employment from your procurement team’s point of view.

Find out what your employees like and dislike about your department. Then make any changes necessary to achieve a reputation for shared professional excellence, a real sense of team, genuine opportunities for career progression and personal development….

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Procurement Talent Profiles Q1 2013

January is of course a classic time for people to think about their plans for the new year and 2013 is no different with many people encouraged by the improving job market and tempted to assess alternatives to their current role. At Edbury Daley we spend much of our...
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The Impact of the Global Economic conditions on the Procurement profession survey

Recent months and weeks have turned global economies and markets on their heads, creating massive risks, as well as some opportunities, for supply chain and procurement professionals. In this survey, we assess the effect the global melt-down has had on you and your...
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Procurement Career Advice

We were recently asked by Supply Management for some basic advice for job seekers in the procurement market and here's the resulting article http://www.supplymanagement.com/careers/career-tips-april-2012/?locale=en If you wish to discuss this or require more detailed...
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Recruitment Market Update

 The Procurement profession is fortunate enough to have one of the strongest job markets in the UK, principally because the profession has become even more important in recent months as demonstrated in our research earlier this year. Demand remains strong although the...
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The Strengths & Weaknesses Of Typical Recruitment Models

One of our Directors Peter Brophy has previously worked as Head of Recruitment / Resourcing in organisations such as Rolls-Royce, BDO and Proxima as well as for Manpower the global recruitment and workforce solutions business. He has also worked within specialist...
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Q3 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

We reported an improvement in market conditions in our Q2 update after a flat start to the year and explained which areas of expertise had experienced the greatest demand.  Q3 has seen most of the trends we observed continue and in several cases those trends have...
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International Appointments – Proven Recruitment Processes Applied Globally

2014 has seen Edbury Daley make senior procurement appointments across the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe and Latin America. Here is how we provide global procurement recruitment solutions from a single UK office: International database of procurement professionals -...
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The Impact of the Current Economic Condition on Procurement

We are delighted to publish the results of our recent research into The Impact of the Current Economic Climate on Procurement which raises some very interesting issues including: Supplier strategies for dealing with increased risk The impact on business confidence The...
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Indirect Spend Procurement Profiles September 2012

At Edbury Daley we  specialise in identifying the very best procurement talent we can find for our clients.  We understand the value of experience in key areas like stakeholder engagement and procurement led transformation to organisations who need competitive...
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Q4 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

We started our quarterly reports on the job market for procurement professionals back in the tougher economic climate of 2009 and since then we have regularly reported gradual improvements in market conditions albeit with a few notable exceptions. We are pleased to...
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