Spend Matters Article – Clarity and Expectations in Recruitment (Part 1)

Spend Matters Article – Clarity and Expectations in Recruitment (Part 1)

Here’s Peter Brophy’s  article which was published on http://spendmatters.com/uk/ on December 2nd.

The Chasm Separating Companies from Good Candidates

Following on from his recent article “Confessions of a Procurement Recruitment Specialist – An Insider’s Experience” part 1 and part 2, Peter Brophy of procurement recruitment firm Edbury Daley, highlights some areas where both organisations and the recruiters that represent them can improve the chances of finding the right candidate who has a good experience during the recruitment process.

Peter has been recruiting Procurement Professionals for over ten years; his experience spans a number of sectors including aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, professional services and corporate functions such as HR, finance as well as procurement. He is well placed to give us a first-hand view of the process.

There are two parts to this:

  • The expectations and specification of the role (the new recruit)
  • How we treat people during the process

We’ll discuss the first part here and follow up with the second tomorrow.

Expectations of new roles or new recruits

In my experience both as a recruiter and a candidate, job adverts and job specifications are increasingly described in terms that elevate each role to an incomprehensible level of unrealistic requirements. I call this the ‘superman requirement’ as only such a person could ever match the brief.

I wonder whether anyone is taking a reality check on this as it deters many capable people from applying. Yes we need to sell a job to a candidate but I advise that we reflect on the day-to-day aspects of the job not just what we would like it to be – yes be realistic and use plain English that is understood by those outside the organisation.

Ask: does such a perfect person does exist? Can we really recruit someone who meets all of our requirements at the salary level we can afford? Or worse, do you recruit a person who knows the key words and phrases rather than the best person who isn’t as good at selling themselves?

This is a problem most recruiters know too well and when we do find this ‘superman’ candidate they often tend to be looking for a role and salary at the next level. In my experience most people move from a company to get additional responsibility and development. They rarely move to something which repeats their current role (other than after redundancy) unless there is a salary increase, so if you recruit externally it is likely to cost you more than you would benchmark it internally.

Additionally another problem of over specifying a role results in someone being recruited who has unrealistic expectations which will not be met. What happens? They get bored and de-motivated and leave and you have to recruit again!

We all fall into the trap of making jobs sounds exciting and with great career progression but with flat organisations more the norm, then clearly this isn’t going to be possible for all your staff and will impact on turnover and morale.

We promise something that doesn’t exist … –

See more at: http://spendmatters.com/uk/clarity-and-expectations-in-recruitment-part-1/#sthash.L6KxUevN.dpuf

Q2 2014 Procurement Market Update Featuring The Indirect Spend Index

Q2 2014 Procurement Market Update Featuring The Indirect Spend Index

Our report on the job market conditions for procurement professionals and associated markets in the second quarter of 2014 features some interesting and largely positive developments.  Whether you read this with the mindset of a hiring manager or with an eye on your own career, this analysis provides very informative reading.  Headlines include:

  • We are seeing some classic symptoms of a recovering job market for the procurement profession.
  • Technology remains the most sought after area of indirect spend category expertise.
  • The Spend Management Technology market continues to grow rapidly.
  • Consultancies face challenges around balancing resources.

The full report is available here: Q2 2014 Procurement Market Update Featuring The Indirect Spend Index


International Appointments – Proven Recruitment Processes Applied Globally

International Appointments – Proven Recruitment Processes Applied Globally

2014 has seen Edbury Daley make senior procurement appointments across the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe and Latin America. Here is how we provide global procurement recruitment solutions from a single UK office:

International database of procurement professionals – working with an existing network of talented, geographically mobile candidates

Leading edge technology – utilising on and offline technology solutions for virtual meetings and video interviewing

Global market knowledge – understanding regional market dynamics, candidate availability and salary expectations

Multi-lingual research capability – communicating with clients and candidates in their native language

As a product of global commercialisation the world gets smaller and major procurement functions increasingly move to international structures. We have adapted our capability to apply our superior level of recruitment consultancy effectively in international markets.

We now have a truly international network which spans all the key business locations in Europe and beyond.  This enables us to consistently outperform local suppliers in cities as diverse as Dublin, Munich and Mexico City. Recent successes include:

  • Appointed the European Procurement Director in Dublin for a Fortune 500 Company based on the East coast of the US
  • Recruited an Albanian national as Global Category Leader based in Switzerland with the hiring manager based in the UK.
  • Identified an excellent short list of Marketing Procurement Specialists in Mexico for a global banking group. Read the case study here.
  • Sourced three Polish nationals for Category Management roles for a British company with offices in Warsaw.

If your procurement function has an international dimension we can ensure you attract the very best procurement people, wherever you need them.

Contact our team for further information:

Andrew Daley +44 (0)161 924 2385 andrew@edburydaley.com

Simon Edbury +44 (0)161 924 2384 simon@edburydaly.com

Raluca Pirvu +44 (0)161 924 2387 raluca@edburydaley.com

Q4 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

Q4 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

We started our quarterly reports on the job market for procurement professionals back in the tougher economic climate of 2009 and since then we have regularly reported gradual improvements in market conditions albeit with a few notable exceptions.

We are pleased to say that Q4 of 2013 has been a very positive period, and coming on the back of a strong third quarter, the second half of 2013 has showed the most notable improvement at any time since we started formally observing the trends. In fact in some areas there is now a genuine full blown battle for the best talent as we suggested in the Q3 report.  The key indicators of this are:

  • Strong candidates regularly have three or four good roles under consideration at any time, particularly in the most popular areas of indirect spend (data to follow) such as marketing and technology.
  • Significantly increased evidence of companies using recruitment suppliers outside of the preferred supplier list.
  • There is also less reliance on outsourced or in house recruitment teams for procurement roles that are difficult to recruit for because of the need for specialist market knowledge in a competitive market.

To view the Q4 indirect spend data and read the rest of the report please download the Procurement Quarterly Market Update & Indirect Spend Index Q4 2013

Q2 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

Q2 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

Q2 generally showed an improvement in market conditions after what was a relatively slow start to the year in some sectors.  As anticipated we’ve seen strong activity in several key areas including:

  • Indirect spend across the private sector
  • Direct spend in FMCG, Pharmaceuticals & Technology
  • Spend Management providers
  • Procurement Consulting

In this quarters review we look at each area of market individually:

The edburydaley Indirect Spend Index 2013

Our Indirect Spend Index which was launched earlier this year provides some interesting data on the demand for category expertise in the various areas of indirect spend across the private sector.

In our Q1 report we observed that the three areas in most demand were technology, marketing and FM.  The Q2 data shows that technology is now the clear leader with 41% whilst marketing remains in a strong second place on 18% with the rest in single figures.

To view the Q2 data and the rest of the report please download the full Procurement Quarterly Market Update & Indirect Spend Index Q2 2013