Five Advantages Of Using An Experienced Recruitment Consultant

Five Advantages Of Using An Experienced Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment market conditions have materially improved in the past six months in particular.  More companies are hiring and strong candidates have multiple opportunities to consider, so competition for the best people is now fiercer than at any time in the last five years.

In the current climate companies need to understand the market conditions they are facing and how best to be successful in the circumstances.  This is where an experienced high quality recruitment consultant can add real value over the more basic agency service prevalent in many markets.

With this in mind we have highlighted five key areas in the recruitment process where an experienced consultant can be the difference maker in hiring the talent you need.

1. Offers an accurate appraisal of the attractiveness of a new job opportunity 

Will the candidates you want be interested in your job?

Agent: Takes job brief and sends any relevant candidates from the database

Consultant: Advises hiring manager of attractiveness of job vacancy in the context of current market conditions and advises on best sourcing strategy

2. Assesses the availability and cost of suitable talent in the relevant market conditions.

Is the candidate you seek available at the salary budget allocated?

Agent: Sends candidates who are suitable but you cannot afford or vice versa

Consultant: Discusses the potential to flex either the salary or the person spec to get the right blend of cost and skills for your business

3. Helps position your company and opportunity better to the external market

How can you make your job more attractive to the best candidates?

Agent: Accepts the market perception of your company as an employer.

Consultant: Provides accurate feedback from potential candidates and suggests ways to position your company as an attractive employer

4. Creativity – knows where to look for right people, especially for rare skill sets, not just the obvious places.

Where are suitable candidates to be sourced from for difficult to fill positions?

Agent: Searches a database and advertises the position and sends you whoever they have.

Consultant: Suggests less obvious sources of good candidates and uses their network to pursue them on your behalf. Won’t send weaker candidates just for the sake of it.

5. Better conversion rate, candidate management, valuable in these market conditions

How do you get more of your job offers accepted?

Agent: Arranges interviews and hopes that the candidate accepts your job offer

Consultant: Manages candidate and client expectations throughout to maximise likelihood of candidate acceptance

Q4 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

Q4 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

We started our quarterly reports on the job market for procurement professionals back in the tougher economic climate of 2009 and since then we have regularly reported gradual improvements in market conditions albeit with a few notable exceptions.

We are pleased to say that Q4 of 2013 has been a very positive period, and coming on the back of a strong third quarter, the second half of 2013 has showed the most notable improvement at any time since we started formally observing the trends. In fact in some areas there is now a genuine full blown battle for the best talent as we suggested in the Q3 report.  The key indicators of this are:

  • Strong candidates regularly have three or four good roles under consideration at any time, particularly in the most popular areas of indirect spend (data to follow) such as marketing and technology.
  • Significantly increased evidence of companies using recruitment suppliers outside of the preferred supplier list.
  • There is also less reliance on outsourced or in house recruitment teams for procurement roles that are difficult to recruit for because of the need for specialist market knowledge in a competitive market.

To view the Q4 indirect spend data and read the rest of the report please download the Procurement Quarterly Market Update & Indirect Spend Index Q4 2013

Specialists in Procurement & Supply Chain Consultancy

Specialists in Procurement & Supply Chain Consultancy

We have a long established reputation and an extensive network across the Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting arena.

Our track record dates back to the late 90’s when we first recruited for what was Andersen Consulting’s fledging procurement consultancy business.

Since then we’ve seen the procurement outsourcing companies establish themselves, the rise of the niche procurement consultancy as genuine competitors to the big multi disciplinary practices and more recently the changes to the marketplace due to the emergence of a range of spend management solutions which are of course central to the digital transformation journey that so many target clients are embarking on.

Throughout all these developments in the market we’ve been working with the best emerging talent and established Senior Managers, Directors and Partners.

Our consulting clients us us because:

  • We have in-depth knowledge of the big four and major players through to small niche operators
  • Our reputation – we consistently deliver and our contacts vouch for our service

  • Our experience in the sector means we are able to advise on nuances other recruiters miss.

  • We are able to give real advice on what talent is available and bespoke salary research to back this up

  • Deep market knowledge – we provide quarterly reports on supply and demand market conditions for procurement skills helping people to make informed decisions on the market – link to QMU’s

  • We understand the distinct skills required for client facing roles in consulting and can find people with the transferable skills to succeed.

  • They know we command the respect and confidence of proven consultants who prefer our approach to the more aggressive and transactional approach of many other recruiters.

What we focus on
Predominantly our focus is on Procurement and supply chain and we have a proven track record sourcing candidates from Analyst to Partner level in the following specialisms

  • Procurement and supply chain consulting

  • Digital Procurement transformation – P2P, S2C, Contract Lifecycle Management, eSourcing

  • Spend  Analytics – link to SM page

What distinguishes us
Our experience and understanding of the sector. This gives us the knowledge of style and cultural fit as well as the kind of work firms typically undertake. We are able to see behind generic words and phrases to ensure a real match for client and candidates

  • We act as advisors to several leading players in the market

  • We have hands on Director level input to every project and assignment ensuring that extra insight really does make a difference

  • We recommend candidates that meet the specific brief – we would rather send a shortlist of one candidate than several vaguely matching CV’s

  • We don’t spam the market. We know who to approach in our network first. If we go outside our network we fully screen and qualify people beforehand.

  • Our mix of traditional search techniques allied to active networking and social media attraction means we can identify and target the best people others can’t. We engage and interest people who would not normally respond to an approach.

Why the top performing consulting  candidates come to us

  • Candidates tell us that our pragmatic, genuine and open approach makes us different

  • The knowledge /and the advice we bring to help people understand their options

  • We advise and help rather than sell

  • They know we have a network of genuine connections – a broad network from small niche firms to the large players

  • Our reputation. People regularly recommend us.

  • We have a genuine passion and involvement in the sector

  • We take pride in our approachable style.

Q2 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

Q2 2013 Procurement Market Update & Indirect Spend Index

Q2 generally showed an improvement in market conditions after what was a relatively slow start to the year in some sectors.  As anticipated we’ve seen strong activity in several key areas including:

  • Indirect spend across the private sector
  • Direct spend in FMCG, Pharmaceuticals & Technology
  • Spend Management providers
  • Procurement Consulting

In this quarters review we look at each area of market individually:

The edburydaley Indirect Spend Index 2013

Our Indirect Spend Index which was launched earlier this year provides some interesting data on the demand for category expertise in the various areas of indirect spend across the private sector.

In our Q1 report we observed that the three areas in most demand were technology, marketing and FM.  The Q2 data shows that technology is now the clear leader with 41% whilst marketing remains in a strong second place on 18% with the rest in single figures.

To view the Q2 data and the rest of the report please download the full Procurement Quarterly Market Update & Indirect Spend Index Q2 2013


May 2013 Procurement Candidate Profiles – Indirect Spend

May 2013 Procurement Candidate Profiles – Indirect Spend

The demand for procurement professionals with excellent stakeholder management skills and deep category expertise, particularly in indirect spend, remains strong in the busier market sectors.  At edburydaley we don’t just rely on our database of contacts and extensive personal networks to find candidates.  We also use other methods to source the best available candidates in the marketplace at any given time.

As a result of our recent assignments we have identified several outstanding candidates who are actively seeking new roles.  For reasons of confidentiality we can’t  publish details of their backgrounds here, but full profiles are available upon request.

Senior Manager – Indirect Spend

A highly experienced manager with a successful career in both corporate and consulting roles.   More details available.

Category Manager – Facilities & General Indirect Spend.

Outstanding stakeholder engagement skills allied to a proven record of sucess in several areas of indirect spend make this Category Manager an asset to any procurement department.  Full CV available upon request.

Sourcing  & Vendor Manager – Technology

Full CV available upon request.

Procurement Manager – Professional Services

Currently managing a £75m spend across the Professional Services category which includes consulting services, PR, legal, financial and audit.  Full profile available.

Category Manager – Marketing

His current role has responsibility for the development and implementation of the global category strategy for all key marketing spend areas.  More details available.

HR Category Manager

Currently managing the entire HR category globally.  Full CV available upon request.

Senior Category Manager

A tri-lingual, results oriented procurement leader with 12 years procurement experience. Full profile available upon request.

If any of the above profiles are potentially of interest to you, please contact Andrew Daley by phone (0161 300 7978) or via for more details.

If you need candidates with different expertise and would like to talk to us about how we source the best available talent in the marketplace, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.