We are specialists in procurement and the supply chain – we have studied and tracked the trends in the profession over many years. Strategic supplier relationship management has clearly been growing into a specialist discipline in its own right in recent years.

As businesses sought to increase their competitive advantage in the recession, the value of SRM rose, (as indicated in our research paper of summer 2009), and the best organisations have seen the benefits of SRM over the more tactical and mechanistic activity of post contract supplier management.

Post recession these trends have continued to a large degree as the leading procurement and supply chain functions understand the potential for competitive advantage through effective vendor management.

As recruiters, we are proud of our understanding and appreciation of SRM as a business process which is separate from and complementary to strategic sourcing. Our knowledge gives our clients confidence that we understand what good SRM experience looks like, whilst our candidates truly appreciate the opportunity to work with real specialists, to advance their career.
Our understanding of SRM as a profession is demonstrated in the research we published in January 2010.

We are specialists in procurement and the supply chain