Rapid Result

Many mid and senior management roles can be filled quickly by specialist recruiters using contingency services. Other roles, often senior leadership positions, need a more structured approach which requires a skilled recruiter to apply formal Executive Search techniques. The recruitment industry norm is for it to take as long as 6-10 weeks to compile the short list of suitable candidates for interview. Sometimes this is just too long for an organisation to wait.

At Edbury Daley we believe specialist recruiters should know their target markets well enough to deliver a short list in a much shorter time frame. Using our detailed market knowledge we are able to condense the initial research period into a matter of days and deliver a short list in as little as two weeks.

This Rapid Result service is effectively an express executive search model that relies on the specialist market knowledge and experience of the recruiter, and its an innovation that has served many of our clients well when they have an urgent appointment they need to get right.