Our latest quarterly analysis of the employment market for the procurement profession is now available for you to download.

Regular readers will notice a change of emphasis this year as we move away from our established narrative in order to address some of the most common issues being faced by hiring managers when sourcing and recruiting talent into their teams.

The analysis covers each of our specialists markets which are direct and indirect spend, procurement consultancy, spend management technology and the associated interim markets with individual commentary on each sector.

Here are some of the headlines:

  • Procurement is a largely candidate driven market place as demand out strips supply for the top professionals.
  • This is placing significant upward pressure on salaries. ¬†Many corporate salary structures are out of date and uncompetitive.
  • The leading procurement professionals in each niche area are continually approached about new career opportunities.
  • Slick recruitment processes are increasingly a point of competitive advantage.
  • Recruitment models need to change if companies are serious about hiring the best available talent.

The full report can be downloaded for free here: Procurement Market Update, Q1 2015.