Year 4
Edbury Daley just entered its fourth year of trading and every aspect of our business continues to grow.

We are delighted with the contribution made by Hannah Jackson who joined us in October last year. Hannah, a former consultant at PSD brings over 3 years experience of recruiting within the FMCG and Pharma sectors in both the UK and overseas markets, on top of several years in the recruitment advertising industry with Bernard Hoades, TCS and Work Communications.

Her experience of working across Europe has added an extra dimension to our candidate sourcing capability and we are seeing large areas of growth within the European markets particularly within the FMCG sector.

Market Trends
Salaries are still on the increase and in some cases are presenting companies with real problems, particularly those with strict pay grading structures.

More emphasis is now being placed on performance which is being reflected in bonus schemes and we are finding that packages are anything from 35% up to 50% of basic salaries.

We are working to quantify these changes by using our new online survey tool to assess salary trends. If you haven’t contributed already, please can you spare 5 minutes before the end of March. Please click here

We will be launching a new survey focused on career development in early April and will remind you nearer the time.

We are currently working on a number of exciting opportunities in the FMCG sector based across Europe managing large cross functional teams. One of the common reasons for these roles is the pressure that businesses are under to reduce the carbon footprint within the packaging categories.

Working on opportunities like this are great for a business of our size as it is increasing our network of strong, internationally mobile purchasing candidates.

Despite fears about US economic problems and other factors like the housing market conditions, we have seen little or no evidence that the Procurement job market has been affected. The core markets remain in good shape:

The interim market
The interim market remains healthy with most contractors employed and plenty of good roles around. Of course many businesses have realised the benefits of brining in professional contractors who can add significant value to short term initiatives, and this is also reflected in a growing supply of high calibre candidates.

Having focused on permanent appointments in years 1&2 of our business, this is now a big area for Edbury Daley, and we currently have a number of interim candidates on contracts at major plc’s.

Category Management
There demand for specific category management roles continues unabated and is probably the biggest part of the market at present simply because demand has been greater than supply for at least four years now.

Certain areas of indirect spend have seen the salaries grow rapidly because of the shortage and this has been most obvious in IT, Marketing & Professional Services.

Vendor Management
We have also noticed some growth in the demand for specialist Vendor Managers as more organisations have dedicated resource in this area, and some major Plc’s are building significant teams. The growth in Supplier Development roles hasn’t been as strong but the signs are there for a healthy future in this particular niche.

So in summary the market is still healthy and should remain so for the foreseeable future.

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